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We are a leading company in the field of human resources management and with the experience of consultants from 12 years ago in various types of companies, factories and jobs and selecting and nominating the best employees for companies and helping all companies to grow for a better future in terms of (management structure, wages, social insurance, Recruitment, medical insurance...).


We have a highly qualified professional team and certified expertise. We have helped to recruit a number of employees throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt with an average number of 11,700 who have been appointed to different jobs and different functional levels from senior management to other levels. We have helped to develop companies and factories in all areas of their team towards strong management and better production to help companies structure the entire system (management structure, payroll, social insurance, employment, medical insurance...)


- Hiring all suitable applicants to the best companies to help them produce better internally & externally. - Facilitate customers from companies and aiming to open more than a branch to expedite the procedures in recruitment or and work liquidated for employees before their offer or appointment to companies to rationalize the effort and time.


- Help companies internally in the Arab Republic of Egypt in all fields to hire the best staff with high efficiency in all jobs and help companies to structure the entire system of departments, wages, social insurance, employment, medical insurance...) - Expanding from internally to externally in the Arab States from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates and recruiting foreign staff internally and externally. - expanding the recruitment of pioneers to foreign countries according to the requirements of the Ministry of Manpower.

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